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Please review the support materials provided on this page.  We encourage you to Download the documents that may be applicable to your product.

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Video: Infoduction to FAC-1

This viedo is a brief informative introduction "Infoduction" to the FAC-1 and some key technical details of the product...

Video: FAC-1 Theory of Operation and Calibration Procedure

This Video shows the Theory of Operation and details the Calibration Procedure for the FAC-1 Fuel/Air control unit...

Video: FAC-3 Calibration and Bench Test

This viedo is a detailed walk through of a bench calibration and functional test of the FAC-3.
The FAC-3 is a variant of the FAC-2 and this video shows the procedure applicable to all
FAC-2/FAC-3/FAC-4 units, as described in the downloadable document "FAC-2 Theory of Operation".

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